Photography > Domino

The term “domino effect” usually refers to a quick fall of pieces, or even ideas. I have chosen to slow this action down to allow the time to fully consider one’s movement through space in search for sanctuary. Through this process I realize that I also need to slow myself down in order to give my work the focus it needs and deserves. By capturing a sense of serenity within a world of restrictions and expectations I can begin to unravel my tightly bound ideas.

These landscapes are a metaphor for the unseen psychological and physical spaces I am presenting. The figure represents a longing for shelter. By using the dense, and rather claustrophobic forest settings I am offering an opportunity to find a place for meditation and contemplation. The point is not to recognize the location, but to be able to revel in a sense of relief and stillness these anonymous spaces offer. The images are simple tall trees and rock formations. But within, there is a sense of mystery, timelessness and even mystical elements.

By creating Domino, I am now allowing my mind to freely explore my ideas, breaking clear of past suffocating inhibitions and constraints. Now I can begin to move forward with clarity and purpose.

Large and Medium Format Film
4 x 5 feet