Drawings > Playing the Fool

The collection investigates memory, mortality, family, and fantasy. The complexities surrounding the present with past history are intertwined with the notion of place, time and memory. I see how objects hold emotional value and can elicit a chain of memories. Through mark making the simple lines, textures and patterns inform the past but also begin to write their own history. Creating still images allows me to crystallize past times, fantasized and real.

I am researching the ideas surrounding two realms of reality. The first is my drive to interpret my ideas surrounding the notion of home by creating images with deep personal significance. Something so simple as a necklace morphs into an idealized symbol of maternity, femininity and past time spent. Secondly, I am investigating how and why these new trophy-like objects have turned themselves into physical stand-ins. It is the idea of linking memories together in an effort to solidify the past that drives my work.

Playing the Fool
41 x 29.5 inches